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Understanding the Entry Procedure

Entry Procedure

Embark on Your Fairseat Journey

Embarking on a transformative journey with Fairseat Foundation is a step-by-step experience designed with your comfort in mind. Our entry procedure is a welcoming pathway, carefully laid out to guide you seamlessly into our vibrant community. From the initial inquiry to the final steps of enrollment, we've crafted each stage to be transparent, supportive, and reflective of the values that define Fairseat. Your aspirations are at the heart of this process, and we are here to assist you at every turn. Join us on this exciting venture, where the entry procedure is not just a transaction but the beginning of a meaningful connection. Fairseat Foundation eagerly awaits the opportunity to warmly welcome you into our cherished community.

Entry Procedure at Fairseat Foundation

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Become a member of Fairseat Foundation

This is a pre-requisite and non-negotiable. There is an annual fee and an application form can be found on the website or else obtained from our admin office (admin@fairseat.org or 0735 503 440 or 0701 719 440)

Join the waiting list

As a member of Fairseat Foundation, one then needs to join the “Waiting List” and there is a one-off Waiting List Fee to be paid and one must maintain one’s annual membership to remain on the list.

Keep us updated

Fairseat maintains a database of prospective residents, the type of accommodation they desire and the likely year that they wish to move into Fairseat. It is important to maintain the accuracy of this information with Fairseat as and when one’s circumstances change. Contact the admin office on admin@fairseat.org or 0735 503 440 or 0701 719 440.


If a vacancy becomes available at Fairseat we will generally contact those on the waiting list whose information fits the property available. There is a period of time when all appropriate members are informed and have the opportunity to examine the property and come to some sort of decision. If there is more than one person interested in the same property then, assuming all other things are equal, the priority is given to the party that joined the waiting list earliest. This period is also when parties are able to familiarise themselves more carefully with fees, deposits, procedures etc for moving to Fairseat and being able to satisfy themselves that they can afford it and the environment & lifestyle will suit them.

Entry Interview

At this stage an Entry Interview is arranged. All new applicants for permanent residence at Fairseat have to provide a full medical history and a recent report from their GP. Applicants are then interviewed by our Entry Committee who will then inform the management team about the suitability or otherwise of any applicant to enter Fairseat. Essentially, Fairseat is not a nursing home so applicants need to be fit and well for their age. We do not accept applicants who have dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Contract Signing

Assuming the Entry Interview is navigated successfully, then contracts are drawn up, necessary deposits are paid and the “Moving-in Date” is decided.