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Our History

Embracing New Beginnings

In 1990, Fairseat's Rosslyn plot came alive with activity. Donated by the late Miss Vivien Horwood, the journey began with the spirited effort to remove 15 massive acrocarpus tree stumps. What followed was a meticulous clearing, setting the stage for a momentous celebration.

Sunshine Amidst Friends

On March 16, 1990, nearly 200 donors and well-wishers gathered under clear skies. Despite prior rain, the day unfolded with camaraderie, lively tunes from the Gordon Highlanders band, and shared moments of joy.

The History Fairseat Foundation

Symbolic Sod Turning

Chairman Mr. Michael Shaw expressed gratitude, and Patron Sir Michael Blundell KBE turned a "symbolic sod," marking the transition to a new phase. Mrs. Diana Shaw, Vice National Chairman of the EAWL, presented a plaque encapsulating the day's significance.

Heartfelt Thanks and Generosity

Sir Michael commended the hardworking committee, presenting a symbolic "insurance" cheque. Dr. Humphrey Belcher expressed gratitude and introduced an American Auction, symbolizing the community's generosity, propelling Fairseat toward a hopeful future.

The History Fairseat Foundation

Building Dreams

The event not only marked progress but also garnered generous donations, paving the way for Fairseat's promising future. With tenders received, the dream of building a compassionate haven moved closer to reality.